Nível 5



Para praticar a audição e entendimento.
Obs: Nem todas as palavras contidas nos áudios são ensinadas no nível 5, mas servem como desafio para a compreenção do contexto.


Jon walked outside. He wanted to buy new shoes. He crossed Sixth Avenue. Police were setting up metal barricades along the street. He asked a policewoman what the barricades were for. She said they were for a parade. What kind of parade he asked. She said it was the annual Korean Parade. He said, That's nice. Parades are nice. That's what I love about New York City—lots of parades. He went to three shoe stores, but had no luck. Tired, he walked back to Sixth Avenue. But he couldn't cross Sixth Avenue. The parade was in progress. All the barricades were up. Police were everywhere. He asked a policeman, How can I get across Sixth Avenue The policeman said, You'll have to go up to 34th Street. You can cross there when the officer gives you the okay. What a drag, Jon thought. This city has too many parades.


Toyota was in the national news. It was recalling a million cars. It wanted to check all their brakes. Jack was driving his new Toyota. He dialed 911. "Help! My brakes don't work!" he said. He told the dispatcher where he was. The dispatcher called the highway patrol. A highway patrolman pulled in front of Jack's car. He slowed down until Jack's front bumper touched his rear bumper. He carefully braked. Both cars slowly stopped. Jack got out of his car. He hugged the patrolman. A TV news helicopter was filming everything. Jack was on the national TV news. "It was terrible," he said. "I almost died. Of course, I'm going to sue Toyota." Toyota examined Jack's car. It said nothing was wrong with the brakes. A newspaper reported that Jack was $700,000 in debt. He had missed his last two car payments. "Something's fishy here," said the newspaper reporter.


He was in the coffee section at the supermarket. He saw a new brand of coffee beans. The brand was "VeryGood." The package looked nice. Nice packages usually contain nice products. The package said "French Roast." He loved French Roast. But he usually bought the Starbucks brand. VeryGood was cheaper, though. He decided to try it. "Every time you shop," he always told his friends, "you should buy a new product. That way you might find a new taste treat." He bought the new brand and went home. He opened the package. The beans were light brown. They were dry. Starbucks beans are dark brown. They're oily. This doesn't look good, he thought. He made a pot of coffee. It was terrible. Army coffee had tasted better. He took the package and receipt back to the supermarket. He got a refund. That'll teach me to try something new, he thought.


"You forgot to say thank you," said Lorraine, the apartment building manager. "Thank you for what?" Sid asked. "Remember your email?" she asked. He'd emailed her about a safety hazard. He had suggested installing a window in the lobby door. Sometimes people leaving the lobby pushed the door open hard. A window would allow people leaving to see people entering. A window would help prevent people leaving from knocking down people entering. Two days later, the door had a new window. "See what quick service we gave you?" she said. Sid wondered why he should be thanking her. Someone who got knocked down could sue the building owner. The owner would have to settle lawsuits. Sid's suggestion would help prevent lawsuits, saving the owner money. In fact, by reporting safety hazards, Sid was actually doing management's job. Lorraine should be grateful to him. But he smiled and said, "Thank you."